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We live in and we witness the influence of capitalistic-liberal system that is being related to money and goods exchange, capital and investment, trading and profit.

The mode of action of the most competent factors of free market economy orientation is the spine of the capitalistic-liberal system. This is the reason why it is necessary to draw attention to this and seriously take into consideration the way it functions in our environment.

The mode of acting is justifiable as long as the personality development is fulfilled and respected on the basis of ethical principles and as long as a man is being shaped and formed in his complexity.

Liberal-capitalistic system becomes dangerous if some instruments take it as a superior aim to a person’s dignity.

We are aware of the fact that most people face hard financial conditions. This sets the ground for the blossoming and survival of “usurers’ loans.

Social disintegration, immoral behavior of some social groups and institutions, also lead to the creation and growth of a new population - the “population in urgent need”. It has been noticed that selfishness, primitive arrogance, laziness and indifference to life needs of others on behalf of some structures and institutions exist in our country as well as in some neighboring countries. This could have resulted from the ignorance of effective financing of a free market economy and inefficient financial system, as well as the servility of people in need towards institutions and instruments which could and should help them.

We would like to draw attention to the importance of monitoring over the international financial environment, with special focus on “economic imperialism” as well as fatal “financial internationalism”. Homeland of these fatal instruments is the place where they feel good, where they settle down publicly or secretly, determine the conditions under which their own banks and national banks together with financial institutions in home country should operate.

It is certain that the realization of these ominous infiltrations happen in accordance with the corrupt and immoral central government. It results in corrupt power which doesn’t enforce just laws which would serve the community or support mutual respect and solidarity. They do not contribute to a man-tailored society in which human moral values are respected, the society that is based on the principles of Christian ethics.

In these circumstances the need for organized support of healthy business is obvious.

Entrepreneurial experience indicates the necessity to shape an “ethical financial institution” - FOUNDATION DIAKONIA, which would operate on the basis of a previously anticipated programs. The founders of FD will run the foundation with clear conscience and for the benefit of the entire community in which FD operates.

We emphasize the need for permanent improvement of the society through FD trainings of entrepreneurs, bankers and people in power who will consequently shape and apply their activities respecting the principles of truth, justice, solidarity, dignity of each individual. We especially put emphasis on this shaping as necessary, since the area of operations has to be permanently supervised because of its specific qualities. Everything that proves itself beneficial for the area of operations should be accepted, but, at the same time should be in accordance with FD’s principles.

We stress the necessity of the implementation of the project on behalf of those who decide to cooperate with FD in the project. We hereby emphasize the fact that the responsibility is taken not only for the project’s creation, but also for the realization of the approved and accepted projects. Therefore, the responsibility of an individual as well as of the whole community is crucial for FD’s shaping and realization of the project.

We rule out the possibility of copying all foreign achievements especially those that contradict the principles of FD. With this aim in view, the selection of coworkers from closer and wider environment asks for great responsibility that should have been already proven by our achievements.

It is necessary to seize all existing opportunities in and out of the country in order to contribute to the success and proper functioning of FD.

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