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Let’s look at the basic principles of FD which are mentioned in the introduction - application of ethics and subsidiarity. The principles of organized activities of FD truly ask for the associates who are willing to share their life principles and views with everybody else in FD.

People - managers or team members work on and carry out certain projects according to these principles.

The responsibility that is imposed is crucial for the co-existence within FD. The professional team selected for certain activities doesn’t have to be permanently employed, but appointed according to the needs of project creation and realization. It is certainly not easy to find an expert in each field; therefore it is necessary to engage renowned local or foreign experts. What is needed here is a very important cooperation with the leading representatives of foreign industrial, scientific and commercial Chambers (e.g. Germany - Croatia Chamber of Industry and Commerce; USA-Croa. Chamber of Commerce ...). Moreover, diplomatic representative bodies which are willing to incorporate into their usual activities the cooperation with our local institutions are of great importance to us. We have been witness to that effort so far.

The emphasis should be put to our diplomatic representative bodies that could perfectly contribute to our activities. We would like to point out that MVPEI (ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU-integrations) has expressed its positive attitude to the activities of FD.

Everybody that is willing to join FD should respect the local specifics and operation conditions. The application and the implementation of projects is in compliance with both EU and domestic regulations. So certain professional flexibility is needed apart from the study approval of the project team.

All the participants in the project should engage their creativity and productivity in the process of realization of the program. Therefore, it is essential to monitor events and be alert to whatever supports the organizational activities. Rush and short-term stereotype solutions should be avoided. A very important source of cognition is an exact understanding of the impressions which you get when you intensely perceive and attentively listen to things. Emphasis is put on the person in charge of the project. He/She should give full attention to his coworkers, clients and people in the surroundings of FD, should also penetrate into the giant spheres of knowledge, cognition, estimates and evaluations. There hasn’t been any and won’t ever be any available perfect electronic device which would be able to process such a huge amount of perceived data - that include facts, intertones, warnings, fears, hopes and questions... in the same way as a man can do in a direct personal contact or while contemplating his experience.

Trust is the best means to reduce complexity. Trust can reduce transaction costs. The advantages of trust culture are obvious. Trust is not gained automatically in human contact. Trust m u s t grow! The most fertile soil for trust is overcoming temptations. It is only in hard and problematic situations that mutual trust can prove its existence and show its real face. Absolute trust cannot be established. So what is needed is a realistic and lasting concept of trust culture that depends on the right measure of trust.

The basic element of perception skill is differentiation. The personality traits of an individual make up his character. The concept of the word person originates from Latin word personare which means -ringing of bells). The ringing of special talents and qualities can be heard in every person. Only those managers that consciously perceive differences are able to see how coworkers complement each other in a team and where the conflicts are generated. So perception skill is crucial for the company leader and everyday he is faced with his ability to put things into harmony. Entrepreneurship aims and strategy determine activities. But, on the other hand one should not ignore his coworkers, clients, suppliers and work atmosphere. Otherwise interaction is disturbed. Harmony cannot be reached by someone who gets involved into details, but someone who accepts the dialogue with his coworkers and who trusts them. It is not necessary to take everything too seriously, because that could in crucial moments exclude relaxation which normally, even in hard situations enables one to keep control of things.

What is needed here is the joy of life. Humor is a very effective means for solving problems. The more complex and diverse the world gets, the more important it is for an individual to detach and to remember one’s roots and what one is heading for. These are especially important features in our field.

Machines are replaceable, procedures can be copied and instruments can be installed. Entrepreneurship culture will be the main competitive advantage. The firms in which everyone moves freely and quickly can find solutions faster and more easily than those which are filled with resistance and trench battles.

Intangible values are the triggers of all strategies. When entrepreneurs become aware of this, then they start investing in the right thing. When it comes to the organizing of this kind of activity of FD, it is necessary to pay attention to further training and the setting up professional and scientific centers for different specialties. This would be solved by special regulations and norms. These activities or further training could be successfully organized foe special needs of the EU as well. For example, there have already been some beginnings in the area of EU-SE, activities of different "EURO-ACADEMIES". Renowned European lecturers and recognized experts hold workshops on current economic, political, scientific, innovative achievements. It is especially recommended for our conditions (and possibilities are really huge) to organize different business encounters for certain organizations such as professional gatherings and similar. Regular seminars in the Republic of Croatia could be organized with the help of our expatriate community on economy (financing, banking, health service...) and science, such as the ones organized together with "I.R.B.".

(There is also the need for further education of top managers for PhD specializations in the EU since it has been confirmed that there is a huge difference between MBA in the USA and the one in Europe. There are good conditions in Istria where there are a lot of nice, but unfortunately dilapidated secession buildings that would be a perfect relaxing, silence-providing oasis for different professional, scientific and other considerations. It is a small peninsula with beautiful parks from the period of Maria Theresa. It is worth considering bringing together scientists and professionals with the target: meeting of excellence. There are also similar areas in BIH which satisfy EU standards of comfort. In their silent and peaceful wooded areas seminars/workshops could also be organized.)

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