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In order to fulfill the firm standpoints about the shaping, organizing and acting, FOUNDATION DIAKONIA is open for operation in the form of Public-Private Partnership – “JAVNI SUDIONIK” (JS)

1. FD and JS give a guarantee that the whole process of the realization of the accepted project will be performed fair and square

2. JS suggests extending its core business activity onto other activities of the investor (productive and scientific, technological property…).
In this way JS would substantially enrich its operations in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the countries of the investors

3. FD and JS would successfully unite public private partner activity and it would be financially united according to financing terms in both the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in those countries investors come from.

In this way activities concerning sensitive financial areas would completely eliminate transactions done by owners of foreign financial institutions and financial operations would be completely in hands of the Republics of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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