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In order to start with the realization of the mentioned activities we suggest the following:

a) To accept the state incentive funds that are granted by the competent Ministry of the Croatian Government and to allocate the initial start-up funds to FD. These funds would be used for setting up offices in Brussels, Zagreb, Sarajevo (premises, furniture, PC and staff). For the start a smaller number of employees should be appointed in these places. Knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, responsiveness at work…is required. This is a great responsibility on behalf of FD which we are ready to accept.

b) As possible financial sources for the implementation of aforesaid activities we suggest the following:
Suggest to our expatriate community to involve themselves in these activities via FD, in sub-financing of the pre-accession funds for the projects approved by the EU

c) For the projects accepted by the EU and for those the EU is ready to approve of the funds and we suggest to our expatriate community to sub finance first the projects that are of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These could be the projects in the field of power industry, environment protection, infrastructure, advisory scientific professional meetings, technological achievements gained in cooperation with foreign partners to be implemented in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina…

d) Possibilities for fair cooperation with foreign industrialists, entrepreneurs that have good image and are willing to accept the above mentioned operation methods of FD

e) National and international organizations could be accepted if they are willing to develop good relationships in this part of Europe with the aim to enrich mutual relationships of investors and users in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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