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FOUNDATION DIAKONIA (FD) would initially operate in the area of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the possibility of expansion to EU: Center - Southeast – and other such as CEFTA.

To found – to open – to register with competent authorities its offices in Brussels, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

An office in Brussels is needed because it is very important to be near the source of pre-accession investment funds and other funds that are approved of by the EU for certain countries in the region. For our emigration and anybody who would see the need for cooperation with FD it would be the opportunity of investment of their capital in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as some parts of the EU. This would be done through FD office in Brussels. It is of course important that FD is a firm based in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funds (pre-accession and others) are as usual approved by the EU on the basis of programs – projects. Projects should be regulated according to the EU legislation (it is very important to respect the conditions of project development).

When assessing and accepting projects the EU approves of financial means in accordance with its standards. These financial means are – as a rule – not approved in the full amount determined – required in the project.

The rest – up to the full amount for the project would be sub-financed from the means offered through FD.

FD announces:

• The possibility of sub-financing of approved project up to the full amount mentioned in the project. This has to be done with the contracted agreement with the investors.

• Together with EU, FD is in charge of the realization and application of the project task according to the agreement

• Responsibility for the realization of the project

• FD selects recognized experts for the implementation of the approved project

In order to manage successfully all the things mentioned above, great responsibility is laid on the selection of people – recognized experts to work within FD. Coworkers, experts for the realization of the project, are to be appointed on the basis of the contract with the user of the approved means.

It is essential to be in contact with registered lobbyists in Brussels as well as in Zagreb and in Sarajevo. This is important for the creation of the project and for the negotiations with the EU representatives, who eventually approve of the estimated project.

All the activities around the creation and implementation of the project are rigorously supervised by the implementation board at FD. This board together with the user of funds determines the conditions, the mode of action and the time span needed to carry out the project. The reasons for every possible deviation or change of the established procedure are strictly and attentively determined and it is done in a strict time order.

Besides having good contacts with pre-accession funds in Brussels, it is necessary to maintain close relationship with diplomatic representatives of the countries which have good relationship with the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the USA, Canada, Australia, the countries of the Middle and Far East). Here, we are pointing out the opportunity of application of projects that are important for our local activities – on the basis of bilateral relationships.

The projects of technological progress should be developed together with our experts in order to make a breakthrough into the global market.

We should notice that our innovators have already collected medals for their technological achievements, which could and should be further developed, and thus introduced into foreign markets.

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